D Litter
Jatzy had really got us fooled. She spent a whole month with Hoodoo and they where mating to and from the whole time. Of course whe calculated the birth from the last "events" but by that time she was already about two weeks in to her pregnancy. Obviousley she likes to "have a little fun" even when she is not in heat.
S*Pysida´s Darin blacksmoke-white male, owner S*Pysida's
S*Pysida´s Diva, black female, Anita Gülich, S*Knallhattens
S*Pysida´s Dandy. blue, owner Helena Lindholm
S*Pysida's Dior, blue and white female, owner, Marita Bergstedt
S*Pysida's Dilba, blacksmoke-white female, owner, Agnetha Halltorp